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We at Comfort Can't Progress also specalize in creating custom orders for other brands, sports team, companies and church events.


There is no mininum purchase we can make one piece for you or 1,000.


To start the process just email us your idea, number of pieces you need to


For orders 10 shirts are less please allow up to 7 Business Days to complete order. Business Days do not include Weekends.


Customers can choose between Basic or Premium T-shirts/Sweatshirts or Hoodies.


If we have to clean up image we will add a service fee to your order. If possible please send the logo or design in a PNG or JPEG file.


Bulk Order Prices will be applied once client orders 30 or more shirts.


Customers have 3 font options (we perfer you provide us with the fonts of your choice) with two rounds of revisions for free if there is a request of a third change customer will have to pay per hour for their logo or design to be created. 




Custom Orders.

  • Shipping will be applied if we have to mail it. 

  • Customer can only return item if it is damaged. 

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